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DanAllardPhoto.com is an online portfolio of select photographs shot by Dan Allard.

Photography for me is a way to express my respect and allure with the often overlooked but ever fascinating details of daily life around the world. Whether it be amidst frozen moments of high adventure or action - capturing the skill, focus, and emotion of a sport like rock climbing, sailing, cycling - or the dramatic power, serenity, and geometry of both rural and urban landscapes - I invite you to take a minute, a deep breath, a closer look at the world we live in.
Go explore it curiously, enjoy it peacefully, and share it passionately.

-Love and light..

Help yourself to the .LISTEN. link at the top of the page to kick off some tunes while you venture into the galleries.
For the fullest viewing experience, press the F11 key on your board.
All photos on this site and more are available as prints - write below for requests.
Can't wait to hear from you...
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